Welcome to the DATE 2020 two-day initiative on autonomous systems design - Automated vehicles and beyond


The physical DATE conference next week in Grenoble has been cancelled and with it all events connected to ASD. It will be replaced by a virtual event in the coming weeks for which we will provide further information as soon as it is available. Further information at https://www.date-conference.com/

The DATE initiative on Autonomous Systems Design (ASD) is a two-day special event at DATE, the leading European conference on embedded hardware and software design. It focuses on recent trends and emerging challenges in the field of autonomous systems. Such systems are becoming more and more integral parts of many Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) applications. Automated driving constitutes today one of the best examples of this trend, in addition to other application domains such as avionics and robotics. The initiative gathers distinguished speakers from both academia and industry, including participation from Airbus, AUDI AG, DENSO Automotive, NXP Semiconductors, Robert Bosch GmbH, Toyota Research Institute, Volkswagen AG and Volocopter.

The ASD initiative is organized as a Thursday Special day and Friday Workshop day to constitute a two-day continuous program covering architectures and frameworks for autonomous systems, adaptive techniques for managing software and environmental uncertainty, and formal verification methods for safety assurance in machine learning algorithms. The main areas of interest include but are not limited to the following:

  • embedded and cyber-physical systems platforms that implement and execute the autonomous system functions including aspects related to their architectures, hardware, software and communication,
  • the design of autonomous systems including processes, modeling, optimization, verification, validation, and test,
  • all aspects of dependability in autonomous systems design including, but not limited to, functional safety concepts, fail-operational systems design, functional safety for applications with machine learning, safe and secure adaptions and updates, autonomous systems security,
  • case studies of autonomous systems design using innovative architectures, methods and tools.

This year, we will have two keynotes by Pascal Traverse from Airbus and Florian-Michael Adolf. More details

The ASD initiative will host the Autonomous Renault Zoe vehicle provided by INRIA Rhone-Alpes, for a demo entitled Driving Demo: Focus on the Embedded Bayesian Perception component . More information is available here.

Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH Autonomous Intelligent Driving GmbH

AID-Autonomous Intelligent Driving is bringing together the world’s top software, robotics, AI and automotive talents to build a future where autonomous driving is embraced by humans. By understanding the human challenges as well as the engineering ones, the technology we are testing today on the streets of Munich will become the backbone of a universal self-driving system – capable of improving life in urban environments for millions of people. With the agility of a start-up and the support of Audi (VW Group), AID is free to craft an autonomous world that works for everyone – from manufacturers to passengers, from city planners to pedestrians. For us, the future isn’t about merely making vehicles more autonomous, it’s about making people more autonomous. To find out more, please visit https://aid-driving.eu

Thursday Special Day

The special day on Thursday consists of regular sessions discussing novel technical contributions, hot topics and emerging challenges in the field of autonomous systems. Submitted papers will undergo a peer review process and accepted papers will appear in the DATE conference proceedings.

Friday Workshop Day

The workshop day consists of interactive and working sessions involving methodologies, application kernels and models,software tools and industrial challenges. All accepted papers will be published in Dagstuhl’s OpenAccess Series in Informatics (OASIcs), free and open access online proceedings.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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